Final few steps for a Straight Back!

I trust you are all now sitting comfortably with the right chair height, lumbar support, ergonomic chair and enough space under your desk to allow for leg movement and stretching!


Now here are the last few tips on how to keep a healthy spine and preserve your appearance.

Step Six: Monitor Position

1. Sit comfortably in position and raise the monitor to eye level, you can use special monitor raising accessories but a few old boxes or yellow pages will do. Your eyes should be level with the top edge of the casing, allowing your eyes to relax to the centre of the screen.

2. Have the monitor directly in front of you.

3. Place the screen at arms length away from you.

4. You must be able to read the screen clearly.


Step Seven: The Keyboard

1. Position the keyboard so your elbows are at 100 degrees and by your side. Your hands should fall relaxed to the keyboard.

2. Having your elbows in this position will allow your chest, shoulder and arm muscles to relax.


Step Eight: Document Holder

1. To ensure your neck stays in the most neutral position while reading from a document, position the holder right beside the monitor.

2. To vary the stress on the neck, alternate the side you have the document holder.


Step Nine: The Telephone

1. For people who regularly use the phone, it would be ideal to have a head set to avoid to much stress on the body.

2. Regular phones should be placed within arms reach.


Step Ten: Most used items

1. Position your most used items within arms reach.

2. You have a chair and legs…use them to retrieve any items that are out of reach. Swivel, move chair or stand to reach them.


Step Eleven: Safety Precaution

1. Bend forward over your knees only. Avoid over stretching for things.

2. Swivel to face the item you are retrieving or get up and bend using your knees correctly.


Now you are ready to enhance your health and wellbeing in the workplace.

You may feel some tightness and soreness for a short period, this will pass as your muscles need time to make the adjustments to the new position. It will soon feel natural and you will sense when someone has been sitting in your chair, at your desk and altered your set up…Don’t worry, you now have the steps to effectively set up your work station to your own requirements, where ever you are.

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