How can forefoot running benefit you

Whether you run, jog or sprint, everyone has their own natural way of moving. Like any form of exercise, there’s always a superior method to achieve the best results. But is there a better way to run that lowers the strain to the body? Rumors say that forefoot running is the best approach if you want to feel your best, yet only a few people do so.

What is it?

On a basic level, forefoot running is a technique in which the ball of your foot hits the ground before the heel does. A forefoot strike is considered to be flatter than rearfoot.

To understand forefoot running, you need to know what other types of techniques there are:

  • Rearfoot: Striking the ground with your heel first
  • Midfoot: Striking the ground with your foot flat

Some people also toe run, but this isn’t a popular choice. This leaves only a handful of runners who choose to go forefoot. Interestingly, when fatigue kicks in, runners sometimes change to forefoot running.


Many people talk of the benefits of going forefoot, though only a few follow this style of running, it seems to perform well in comparison to the other types by lowering the risk of damage to the body. Not only can it help you run faster, but forefoot strikes also seem to have less of an impact on the body, which lowers the risk of damage to the body.

This way of running is far less forceful as the knees bend comfortably in comparison to the other types. The position of body mass to the feet is balanced due to the forefoot coming into contact with the ground, quickly followed by the rest of the foot for a flat landing which helps to minimise the impact to the body.

No shoes?

You read that right. Some forefoot runners are so dedicated that they go one step further and forego shoes, especially in warmer climates, to ‘enhance’ the experience. However, most people wear their trainers, and we recommend you do the same. It won’t do you any good to get glass stuck in your foot!

Running is all fun and games until you have an accident or hit the ground running a bit too hard. If you need help to recover, our treatments include massage, acupuncture and many other effective treatments to get you back on your feet! 

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