Quick Exercises to Do Daily

It’s important to do some form of exercise every day to maintain a healthy functioning body. However, not everybody has the time to go for a run or spend 30 minutes or more at the gym.

So what exercises could you do every day, even if you have a busy schedule?

The following exercises can fit any schedule, are easy to do, and can be completed within three minutes.

Standard Squat

Squats are a great exercise to engage multiple muscle groups, and they get your brain working too. Start with your feet shoulder width apart, distributing your weight evenly between both legs. Keep your chest high and back straight, then engage your glutes as you lower yourself down. Pause when your upper legs are at a 90° angle to the ground, and then fully elongate your hips as you rise back up.

Complete as many squats as you can within 1 minute while maintaining proper form.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are a simple exercise, but a quick blast of plyometrics is a great way to wake the body up and energise it. With our ever-increasing sedentary lifestyles, it’s essential to give your feet a little impact to make sure they still function well, too. The exercise works multiple muscle groups and gets your heart rate beating.

Complete as many in 1 minute as you can.

Walk-Out Push Up

This quick exercise is great as it targets multiple muscle groups and planes of movement, which all accelerate the heart rate. Start with your feet shoulder width apart and slowly fold forward at the hips, reaching for the floor with your hands. Once your hands touch the floor, begin to slowly walk forward until your spine is neutral and you’re in the push-up position. Complete the push up and then reverse what you did on the way down until you’re back into the standing position.

Complete as many as you can in 1 minute.

By completing these three quick exercises each morning you’ll ensure your body stays in great health.

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