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Initial Consultation

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Your initial consultation at Fidelity House, 12A Stocks Lane, Boughton, CH3 5TF, our clinic in Chester, will consist of completing an information sheet regarding your general details, previous medical history and presenting issues (if any).  As with all treatments at HW Therapies we look to assess your whole body to see where the problem areas may lie, often not where you might at first think. Postural habits for example, carrying children on one hip, carrying heavy bags on one shoulder or sitting at a computer for hours on end can be the cause of the pain.As such your treatment sessions begin with an assessment of your body, ideally in under wear or athletic shorts, to help identify the areas of restriction.


A treatment plan is individually tailored to your particular needs based on this assessment and the information you give in the initial consultation. Generally a series of sessions are often recommended depending on the severity of the problem and how long it has been present. The longer the problem has been present or more severe it is the more work that is likely to be required. We would work on the basis of seeing change happening within 1-6 treatments.

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