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Trigger Point Therapy

Welcome to February, how did that happen? I hope the year has started with as much zest as mine has, so much so that February is upon us and I haven’t even begun my newsletters… So here we are! This year’s newsletters will focus on the bread and butter of my business, of which, it…

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Final few steps for a Straight Back!

I trust you are all now sitting comfortably with the right chair height, lumbar support, ergonomic chair and enough space under your desk to allow for leg movement and stretching!   Now here are the last few tips on how to keep a healthy spine and preserve your appearance. Step Six: Monitor Position 1. Sit…

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STRAIGHT BACK to health Part 2

Following my previous blog, (Straight Back to Health) here is an ideal workstation set up.   Having already discussed step one of setting up your workstation, I trust you have now adjusted your chair height to your own specifications.   Here are a few more steps to take into consideration.   Step Two: Lumbar Support….

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Continual sitting can lead to many structural problems, tension, headaches, imbalances in your muscles and restricted breathing…which often ends in PAIN!! As we are all different shapes and sizes and most of us are working on computers, it is vital that your work station is customised so you can sit comfortably, relaxed and in a…

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Stress-Free Christmas

T’is the season to be JOLLY!!   Whoever said that clearly didn’t have a family to make everything right for. Buy the presents, cook the food, make sure everyone else is happy and bright!   Do we not feel more FRANTIC than FESTIVE!!   How about lowering the bar, ever so slightly.   Do you…

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Are you feeling…Tired, Stressed or generally Fed Up?

Have you ever considered Massage Therapy? The benefits of massage are endless… Here are just a few… Relieves pain and tension, Calms the nervous system, Stimulates circulation, Improves sleep patterns, Helps to refocus and think clearly, Boosts energy, Realigns posture, Gives a general sense of well-being And can help prevent some long-term health problems. To…

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Your health is your greatest asset…Don’t you deserve to feel great?

Here are a few recommendations to include in your daily life. As most of us are computer operators these simple tasks will increase your energy, aid nutritious blood circulation and relax your muscles…   Stand, stretch and move Relax arms by your side and shake regularly Remove hand from the mouse, shake your hand then…

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