Health and Wellbeing therapy

Are you feeling…Tired, Stressed or generally Fed Up?

Have you ever considered Massage Therapy?

The benefits of massage are endless…

Here are just a few…

Relieves pain and tension,
Calms the nervous system,
Stimulates circulation,
Improves sleep patterns,
Helps to refocus and think clearly,
Boosts energy,
Realigns posture,
Gives a general sense of well-being
And can help prevent some long-term health problems.

To experience these benefits and find out about more book yourself in for a treatment with Heulwen at H&W Massage Therapy. Call 07501 312 647 or check out the website

One response to “Are you feeling…Tired, Stressed or generally Fed Up?”

  1. Joanna Kinch says:


    I love it, short and sweet. I tend to ramble, just because I like words. Talking about massages, my body has started to tighten up already due to the cold. This winter I think people should be looking at massage to stop the body going into spasm and to increase circulation – mine certainly needs help.


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