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STRAIGHT BACK to health Part 2

Following my previous blog, (Straight Back to Health) here is an ideal workstation set up.

computer posture photo


Having already discussed step one of setting up your workstation, I trust you have now adjusted your chair height to your own specifications.


Here are a few more steps to take into consideration.


Step Two: Lumbar Support.

1. Move the back support forward to the vertical position.

2. Position the chair arch support against your lower back.

3. For adjustable chairs, raise and lower the support several times until you find the most comfortable position.


Step Three: The mouse and pad.

1. Position the mouse pad beside the keyboard, close enough to you so you don’t have to reach and your elbows are between 90 and 120 degrees. Keep your elbows by your side and your hand with a straight wrist will fall in a relaxed position to the mouse pad.

2. Loosen your grip on the mouse, it’s not going to run away!

3. Release your grip regularly to relax your arm and hand muscles…give them a little shake, move that blood around!


Step Four: Fully ergonomic chairs.

1. To maintain the natural curves in your spine, tilt the chair down slightly.


Step Five: Leg Movement.

1. Keeping a clear workstation isn’t just for the top of the desk.  Keep the underneath of the desk free from clutter, so you can allow room for stretching and rotating your legs.

2. Great way to avoid getting yourself tangled with all those loose wires is to tie them together and stick them to the underside of your desk…now you are free to tap your toes and wriggle your legs!


I will leave you with these next few tips to be getting on with. Next time we will discuss the position of the monitor, the keyboard, other items used on your desk and safety precautions.


Good luck and KEEP MOVING!

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