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Continual sitting can lead to many structural problems, tension, headaches, imbalances in your muscles and restricted breathing…which often ends in PAIN!!

As we are all different shapes and sizes and most of us are working on computers, it is vital that your work station is customised so you can sit comfortably, relaxed and in a safe position for your spine.

There are 11 easy to follow steps to ensuring you can limit the effects of prolonged sitting.

Here is Step One: CHAIR HEIGHT

1. Raise the height of the chair so your elbows are about 5cm about the desk. This will keep your shoulder muscles in a relaxed position.

2. If your feet don’t rest on the floor, ensure you have a footrest and that your feet are flat on it…keep those legs UNCROSSED!

3. Keep your elbows and hips at approximately 100 degrees.

As I said, very easy to follow, so let’s get this first step sorted and I will post the rest throughout the next few weeks.

For more advise on setting up your work station and reducing and managing pain, contact Heulwen 07501 312 647 or check out my website

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