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Stress-Free Christmas

T’is the season to be JOLLY!!


Whoever said that clearly didn’t have a family to make everything right for. Buy the presents, cook the food, make sure everyone else is happy and bright!


Do we not feel more FRANTIC than FESTIVE!!


How about lowering the bar, ever so slightly.


Do you really have to have the table, decorations and wrapping colour coordinated, have the cards all home made and a long letter describing all that has happened this year to you and your nearest and dearest! Or can you give yourself permission to relax a little.


Let’s make this a stress-free Christmas by taking a bit of time to for you, who is just as important as everyone else!


Make a list.

Remember traditions from when you were young.

Indulgence is fine, just don’t make a habit of it!

Remember the law of attraction & approach Christmas with a positive mind!


Immerse yourself in a warm aromatic bath – Geranium, ylang ylang and lavender is a great stress-busting blend.

Share – take the pressure off by off loading, whether it’s someone to talk to or to do some shopping for you.


And most of all get yourself a massage or better still drop large hints that a stress relief package from HW Massage Therapy is just what you need! Check out the package by clicking here


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