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Trigger Point Therapy

Welcome to February, how did that happen? I hope the year has started with as much zest as mine has, so much so that February is upon us and I haven’t even begun my newsletters… So here we are!

This year’s newsletters will focus on the bread and butter of my business, of which, it seems, many people are unaware


Map of Upper Back Trigger Points

Map of Trigger Points on Upper Back

What are they?

We have all heard about muscle knots. This is where the fibres of the muscle become tight and “knobbly.” Blood and nutrients are restricted to the area which results in pain, reduced mobility and inflammation.

Trigger point up close

This is true of a trigger point with one major difference…each trigger point has its own “Predictable Referral Pattern.” This can mean that your pain is coming from an area distant to the affected region. Trigger points can either create pain when they are pressed or be tender and radiate pain without pressure. They can also create other sensations which include:

Pain,                                   Vasoconstriction (blanching)     Tears in the eyes

Tenderness,                     Coldness                                              Ringing in the ears

Spasm,                               Sweating                                               Dizziness


Each month I will focus on one muscle and its own referral pattern, which have been extensively studied and mapped by Dr Janet Travell and Dr Simons. I will include other characteristics of the trigger points, some conditions that are caused by trigger points (eg. Headaches) and often misdiagnosed and teach some stretches and strengthen exercises to help release them.

The first muscle we will look at is the Sternocleidomastoid (SCM), which can responsible for headaches and jaw pain. Keep your eye out for it next time.

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  1. cristinel says:

    I’m very interested to find more about this therapy

  2. Kay Dix says:

    This looks very interesting as I do massage and believe in releasing the ‘knots’ I shall follow your articles with interest.

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